The Basics. Five things to remember.

The basic 5 things to remember

  • To get the most from your fixture space it is important to satisfy the maximum number of shoppers, choosing brand leaders for each sub-category will enable you to do this
  • Retailers should stock products of a similar format together e.g. merchandise all soap powders together, all gels together, etc.
  • Shoppers are looking to retailers to help them complete their shopping trip as quickly as possible. Retailers can make it easier for the shopper to find what they want by ensuring shelves are fully stocked and clearly signposted
  • A good product range ensures that lost sales and out of stocks are minimised. But too much range can also lead to “range blindness” and lost sales so make sure you are offering a core range of best-sellers
  • Keep your shelves fully stocked – shoppers want product availability above all else. If a product is unavailable some shoppers may switch to an alternative product, but in the long term shoppers will lose patience and go elsewhere

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