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Discover the science behind Ariel Pods
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How can it help you to secure repeat custom?

We’re all familiar with the life cycle of the t-shirt, from heralded as a staple of your day-to-day wardrobe to being consigned to the back of cupboard, a faded and baggy version of its former self. Washing plays a key part in the cycle, and customers want a detergent that won’t cause colours to fade, fabrics to stretch and seams to break. But do you know the difference between different detergents? Get the lowdown in this New Scientist article.

Knowledge can’t be underestimated. Understanding how detergents are created using our latest advanced technology to deliver high-quality results, can help you to develop trust with your customers and ensure those repeat sales.

Did you know:

  • P&G’s ‘smart chemistry’, found in the new Ariel 3-in-1 pod detergent, can help to lift stubborn stains from clothes without harming the fabric, tackle the effects of hard water on materials, work to prevent the discolouring and greying of clothes caused by dirt and help clothes look whiter and brighter for longer
  • Some 800 scientists and engineers across 40 countries have tested and developed the products that will help keep clothes looking newer for longer and remove the stress of washing our favourite clothes
  • On shelf now, the Ariel 3-in-1 pods have been tested on eight tonnes of washing to ensure they clean to the highest standard every time – so you can be confident when recommending them to customers
  • Ariel 3-in-1 pods are simple to use and have been a hit with less experienced homecare users, such as students, and for the elderly and visually impaired who may have trouble measuring out quantities
  • They also have sustainability in mind, with the super-compact design using less detergent and the pods can work just as efficiently with quicker and colder washes, saving energy on every wash.

 To find out more about Ariel Pods read this New Scientist article now.


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  •  25/09/2017
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