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Oral Care: Grow your sales

Tips to increase Oral Care sales

Our Oral Care habits are changing and data shows the number of people who have bad oral health has been dropping since 2013 (Kantar Worldwide panel). Nonetheless in the UK almost half of the population has at least one oral health concern such as tooth decay, and data shows that those with such worries are more likely to purchase additional Oral Care products.

It’s important that as retailers you are comfortable with the category and stock the right products for your shoppers, making the most of the range available, and keeping updated with changing shopper habits.

Our ShelfHelp retailer Justin Whittaker, MJs Premier Store Royton, has shared a few tips that helped him see his Oral Care sales increase;

“There are a lot of products available within the Oral Care category and this can sometimes mean that as retailers we can have too much stock, which can lead to brand blindness. What’s worked well for me is reducing my range and only stocking the bestsellers such as Oral-B 123 Toothpaste.

“Unlike other categories, Oral Care really benefits from the more affordable £1 lines, but it is also important to stock a wide range of price points. Consumers are now more likely to want premium lines such as Oral-B as they’re trusted by professionals and offer a lasting investment.”

When relaying your Health and Beauty shelves consider stocking popular toothbrushes and pastes next to mouthwashes and denture adhesives as seen on our planograms, to ensure that shoppers are able to purchase everything they need in one shop. Oral Care is a planned purchase and shoppers need to be able to navigate easily and efficiently through the category.  Along with key Oral-B toothpastes and brushes, consider stocking dental floss on the same shelf with the product becoming more popular as people are more conscious of their Oral Care.

Key Oral-B SKU’s:

Oral B Classic 123 Twin Toothbrush

Oral B Toothpaste 123 PMP

Oral B Floss Wax Mint 50m

Oral B Complete Mouthwash

Fixodent Original

We have a range of planograms available in our members area which are suitable for any store size and offer retailers a real opportunity to make the most out of their Oral Care category.

  •  By ShelfHelp UK
  •  29/06/2018

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