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The secret science of the modern nappy
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How babycare tech can boost your sales

The modern nappy has come a long way from the days of cloth and safety pins. But their chief purpose remains unchanged – and P&G is taking the category forward, aiming to create the driest, most comfortable nappies possible. Every day, our rapidly developing nappy technology is making life easier for both parents and babies.  

Today’s generations of infants are starting their lives in high-tech nappies, capable of minimising leaks, protecting skin and remaining more snug than ever before. What’s more, advances in recycling mean nappies are being diverted from landfill. As the surprisingly complex world of nappies continues to evolve, our latest products can help you not only make the most of your babycare offering, but also keep customers coming back.  

Did you know?

  • At P&G’s Nappy Research and Development Centre in Schwalbach, Germany, around 250 dedicated researchers, part of a global team, are designing the nappies of the future. So far, this global team has enabled P&G to file more than 5,000 nappy-improving patents.
  • The baby-friendly team at Schwalbach monitor playing babies, using 3D scanning techniques, to develop more absorbent, supportive designs.  

How Pampers is innovating

  • Most modern nappies have an absorbent core of cellulose and polymer that can soak up huge amounts of liquid relative to its own weight, but these materials don’t dry out completely.
  • So to make sure its products perform well under pressure and don’t release urine, Pampers has developed a new super-absorbent polymer to produce nappies that are both lighter and easier for babies to walk in.

Working towards a sustainable economy

  • For over 25 years Pampers has been integrating sustainable thinking into both its research and development and manufacturing programmes. As a result P&G has partnered with Fater to develop a new recycling plant in Treviso, Italy, which can process 10,000 tonnes of waste a year.
  • The nappy recycling site, which is currently the only one of its kind in Europe, uses pressurised steam to sterilise the materials used to create nappies and separate them for reuse in other industries.

To find out more about Pampers nappies read this New Scientist article now.

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  •  09/10/2017
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