Oral Care

The Basics. Five things to remember.

The Basics 5 things to remember:

  • Pharmacies have outperformed supermarkets for the second year running in the almost £1billion Oral Care market
  • A premium brush or paste has a better cash margin and meets the consumers need far better than a cheaper £1-option
    Shoppers are going to spend more money if you give sound advice and good products that deliver against their claims. The average pharmacy shopper is 51 years old, and he or she is likely to be suffering from dental issues
  • Consumers in the 55-74 age bracket have the highest usage of power brushes across all demographics. It is therefore vital for your pharmacy to stock a power brush offering as not to miss out on this sales opportunity
  • The children’s Oral Care segment is growing faster than the adults’ one! So ensure you have a kids offering in your store to capitalise on this